Ocean City Life Saving Station Museum
Pixton’s Popcorn
by Mary Anne Pusey

Gertrude (Pixton) & Ed Pusey with his grandmother Sarah Derrickson. Ed was co-owner of Pixton's Popcorn.
Photograph courtesy of
Mary Anne Pusey.

The story, as it has been passed down from the family, is that in the mid-1930s my father Edmund with wife Gertrude Pusey were approached by Edmund's grandmother, Sarah Derrickson, about helping out his cousin Carrie Phillips Fisher and her family, who had come upon hard times. Edmund agreed to help and proposed that he and Everett Fisher, Carrie's husband, form a business partnership with Edmund providing the financial backing while Everett was in charge of the daily operation. Using the maiden name of Edmund's wife, Gertrude, the business first open as Pixton's Popcorn at it present location on the boardwalk at Talbot Street in 1937.

The popcorn stand was well received and continued to operate under the partnership until, it is said, some legal problems with the government surfaced. Because Edmund felt Everett was totally responsible for this, he completely removed himself from the partnership. Everett went on to open the business under its present name of Fisher?s Popcorn. I can't say exactly when this occurred, but would assume it was sometime in the mid-1940s. I have fond memories of stopping by the business as a young child with my parents, and can recall that wonderful combination of scents to this day!