The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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Tiffany by the Sea
by Becky Batta
It was the summer of 1990. We had rented a condo for the week to show our daughter the joys of Ocean City. The condo unit was ?Tiffany by the Sea? but to our 3-year old Christy, she heard, ?Christy by the Sea.? Being pregnant with what would be our second daughter, Jenny, I invited my parents to come spend a few days with us to share in the experience.

My then 61 year-old parents had never been to the Atlantic Ocean. They were thrilled with the condo. It was on the ocean block and if you sat to the left of the balcony, placed your chair forward and tilted your head to the left you could see the ocean. That is the spot my parents enjoyed, for them it was a direct ocean view and they woke every morning to see the sun rise.

The first day they wanted to see the ocean. In their swimsuits and carrying their back yard chairs off we went to the beach. Marian and Bill went to the ocean's edge and carefully stepped in. They both fell down! I was surprised. When asked what happened, my Dad replied, ?The sand moves under your feet!? Having never stood in the ocean they were caught off guard by the waves.

That evening we introduced them to the boardwalk. Keep in mind my Dad even at 61 was still an avid roller coaster rider. He dragged me on my first coaster at the tender age of 5. It was then I learned one of the greatest highs is riding a coaster especially with him laughing beside me. Dad and my husband decided to ride Trimper's coaster ?The Wave.? After riding Dad announced, ?I?ve ridden roller coasters for over 40 years, that was my last one. The coasters had moved past the point of fun since his favorites were always the old wooden ones.

I lost my Dad in 2005 and Mom is now in a nursing home but every time I hear the screams on ?The Wave? or see the silhouette of a couple at the ocean's edge I?ll always remember that special summer with my parents.

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