The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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The Ideal Resort
As published in the Eastern Shore Times, Berlin and Ocean City, Maryland Thursday, May 7, 1936
by Virginia Ayres
May, 7, 1936

George R. Vickers III with a red drum caught on 06/23/1935
Visitors to Ocean City will not have difficulty this summer in finding pleasure and entertainment to suit their individual taste and fancy, for the city offers an assortment of sports for the sports minded, and games and varied forms of amusement for those who come to rest and relax and enjoy a real vacation.

First of all, we should not fail to mention the beach for all comers, for the swimmers and those who enjoy lying on the clear, white sand and absorb the sun’s health-giving rays. The each gently slopes to the ocean. Swimmers can go out a considerable distance beyond the breakers, and those who love the thrill of jumping the waves can venture out with perfect safety. Lifeguards stationed at close intervals give protection to all.

Surf fishing, fishing from the pier and deep-sea fishing make their appeal to lovers of the sport. Bluefish, trout, drum, herring, tint, kingfish and bass are just waiting for the angler’s hook.

There are excellent golf links within two miles of the city. They afford a splendid opportunity for golfers, both professional and amateurs.
Within the vicinity of the golf links there is a landing field for airplanes.

There are to be new tennis courts ready for use for the summer season, so tennis enthusiasts should pack their racquets.

Strollers on the Boardwalk will find many attractions, such as the linen shops, popcorn and candy stands, the fascinating games of Bingo, Mickey Mouse, Pull-the-String, the Games of Chance and the Shooting Galleries.

The thrill-seekers will find thrills aplenty on the Merry-Go-Rounds, Dodgems, Whip, Ferris Wheel, Aeroplanes, Bowling Alleys and the Shuffle Board. The Fun House is quite popular with the younger set. For the tiny tots there is a little Merry-Go-Round, Whip and Boats.

On Saturday afternoons there are baseball games on the school diamond. Baseball fans watch the games at their ease on the bleachers.

Boxing matches are held each Friday night. There are both local and visiting contestants. Those who love to dance will enjoy the Pier Ballroom, which has been modernized. Famous orchestras, such as those of Ozzie Nelson, Mal Hallet, Casa Loma, Blanche Calloway and Little Jack Little have furnished the music. There is also dancing at Jackson’s and the George Washington Roof Garden at the upper end of the Boardwalk.

The Beckman Family in a rolling chair on the Boardwalk in 1937
Bicycle riding has be has become a great fad with the visitors. Bicycles may be rented by the hour or day.

Three moving picture houses bring to the city the choicest films for those who are seeking evening entertainment.

For those who find walking the length of the Boardwalk too arduous, there are rolling chairs.

Boats are available for deep-sea fishing and yachting parties. Speedboat and sailboat races take place on the bay each summer. Speedboats, sailboats and motorboats may be rented. We of Ocean City cordially invite the general public to come to our fair city and spend a joyous vacation.

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