The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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My Christmas Morning Poem
by Virginia Lee Mason Craig

Each Christmas I write a poem that I give to our family members at Christmas morning breakfast. My 2005 poem told of my memories as a little girl growing up in the summer in one of the old boardwalk hotels, the Mt. Pleasant. At that time, in the 1920s, the hotel was in the heart of Ocean City activity and remains in my heart to this day.

How are things in Ocean City?
Is the boardwalk high above the sand?
Do seagulls squeak, sandpipers flit,
Does Mr. Sacca lead his band?
Do fisher folk haul in their catch
Each afternoon at sunset?
Attraction for the tourists
And how natives needs were met.
Do trains still chug across the bay
And disembark in downtown?
Some folks are just "down for the day"
With ashes on each gown.
Does Joe Hickmott arrive each day
To give kids pony rides?
Do "fanny dunkers" cling to ropes
Regardless of the tides?
Could I still buy Dolle's taffy
And ride the Ferris wheel?
Are rolling chairs still pushed along
A sight that's most genteel
Does the Fun House bring squeals of delight
From every boy and girl
As Laughing Sal assures each one
He should "give it a whirl"?
Does the Pier Ballroom still fill the night
With music you can dance to?
The place to be on weekends,
Meeting friends-both old and new
Is Showell's Bowling Alley standing,
Mt. Pleasant and the "Plim"?
Does Doc Townsend ride his rusty bike
To visit those who need him?
Does Laws Store still sell the finest meats
And throw in latest news?
Is there just one movie house in town
So you do not have to choose?
When you try to reach someone by phone
And no answer brings a frown,
Will Naomi come on line and say
"Your party's out of town"?
If your answer's "No" to most of this,
And we can't turn back the clock,
One thing will still take breath away-
A sunset from our dock!

Virginia Lee Mason Craig

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