The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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Fond Memories of Ocean City
by Joan Charles
Hampton, Virginia

My Favorite - The Ocean City Life-Saving Station Musum
My Ocean City Memories are of the 20th Century. My shipwreck research is what first brought me to Ocean City and new friends kept bringing me back.

One of the unique friendships has been with Fran Meyer of the Ocean City Baptist church who is the Crisis Minister for all of the churches and synagogues in the Ocean City area. This fantastic person is like the Mother to the Universe, but don't try to pull the wool over her eyes. If you don't try to help yourself, then you are out of luck with this lady.

One of missions is filling Thanksgiving baskets for those in need. By tradition, I make my trips to Ocean City in the fall and winter when it is quiet and not so hectic. Little did I know that I would become involved with frozen turkeys as part of one of my trips. Not one, or two mind you, but dozens! I ended up transferring the birds (and they weren't small) from one freezer to another for several hours. How do you explain frozen fingers after a trip to the sunny clime of Ocean City?

But it is not all work and no play with Fran. After a day of exploring flee markets and outlet stores it was getting dark and we were heading back to her apartment. As we passed the Carousel Hotel I did a double take and almost ran off the road.

      "Did you see what I think I saw?" I asked her.
      "I'm not sure." She replied, "Did you see llamas?"

Sure enough they were, llamas'...maybe five or so. Of course we had to investigate. It seems they were there for some event and the owner was exercising them in the parking lot.

So, from the birds to the llamas, Ocean City is always full of surprises for me. One of the best surprises for any visitor to the city is the Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum. What a gem.

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