The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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Fog On the Beach
by Carole Hitchens Quillen

Carole Hitchens Quillen
and Mayor Harry Kelley
Being a coastal town Ocean City was frequented by heavy fog, especially in the fall. The ocean water was still warm then and the cold fronts from Canada would clash with this warm air forming dense fog. In my memory it seemed like this would only happen on Saturdays and Sundays when you had to entertain yourself, by yourself.

It's hard for some people to realize just how deserted Ocean City was back then, from Labor Day to mid-June. You could literally sit in the middle of Philadelphia Avenue for an hour at a time and not one car or person would pass. To keep from going stir crazy I would walk the deserted boardwalk and streets.

Walking around a deserted town in the heavy fog, with water dripping off every surface, can really get spooky when you're a kid. So sometimes I would go walking in the fog just to scare myself for excitement. Now that's getting pretty darn quiet!!

I especially liked walking along the beach. The sounds from the waves would be heavily muted and the mournful sound of the insistent foghorn would sound far off down the beach, lost in the fog. Wisps of heavier fog would occasionally drift by on their way through town. You could sit there in the sand and stare at the little waves that made their way up further on shore, listening to the mellow foghorn and watching the fog drift by, very peaceful, forty years ago.

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