The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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An Ocean City Memory
The Atlantic Hotel
by Bobbie Howard Bridgett

In 1952, my mother, my aunt, my sister and I embarked on a trip to Ocean City, Maryland. It was my first trip to the ocean but certainly not my last.

My memories of O.C. are unforgettable. Every summer for two weeks we returned. We (mother, my aunt, my sister and I) stayed at the Atlantic Hotel, on the Boardwalk and Wicomico Street. My sister and I would be so excited when we saw the long white steps of the hotel adorned with colorful flowers, which led into the beautiful lobby. We would then make our way, thru the lobby, and onto the expansive front porch, which was filled with rocking chairs. It was then that we got our first glimpse of the Boardwalk and the ocean. This was going to be our ?home? for two whole weeks. My mother always reserved an ocean front room which really made us feel like we were sleeping on the beach itself.

While my mother and aunt were unpacking the suitcases, I would go say hello to my O.C. Friend. Within one block of the Hotel, on the Boardwalk, was Nena, who owned a jewelry store. I would look at all the lovely, sparkly jewelry, much of which I would carry home with me.

The Atlantic Hotel had its own dining room which was open for breakfast and dinner. We were assigned a table and we were served by the same person everyday, (a college age girl there for a summer job). We had breakfast each morning and then would change into our bathing suits and carry it back to the beach for my mother and aunt to enjoy with us. At about 4 pm. we came off the beach to get ready for dinner. Dressed in our summer best we enjoyed a delicious dinner. Then it was time for fun. My sister loved miniature golf and there was one adjacent to the hotel. Every night I promised to play a game of golf with her if she would later go ?boy watching? with me. We went bowling, rode rides at Trimpers, went to the teen dances at the pier and who could leave out PLAY LAND. Loud and wonderful PLAY LAND.

For 57 years I have been coming back to Ocean City for vacations with my three children and now with my five grandchildren. I own a condo on Bayshore Drive with my children and we LOVE Ocean City.

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