The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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A Memory of the 1950’s at Ocean City, Maryland
by Dave Grandon
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

One of my fondest memories of Ocean City dates back to the early 1950s. We journeyed from our home in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania to get to the resort. It was a fairly long trip along the old route through the Eastern Shore. We actually stopped and enjoyed a homemade picnic lunch along the way.

Our family had a cottage on a bay access spot at 73rd Street. Back then there was sand all around the house for miles, not just a few feet of sand as it is today. We used to sit on the tailgate of the ?Woody? when driving from the bay to the beach. Now the fond memory was getting drinking water from the icehouse downtown. We only had gallon jugs, as the well on the property was not to be trusted. We would fill no less than 10 gallons each time. On these trips we often ventured onto the boardwalk ? remember, our cottage was 70 blocks away ? so we maximized our trips downtown.

I would like to share with you a humorous tale of when we caught so many blue crabs (back then it was quite easy to catch a bushel of legal sized crabs anytime you went out) that Dad decided to take some back home to Pennsylvania. My father actually filled the trunk of the car with ice (from the ice house) and we put the crabs in the trunk. You guessed it; we trailed water the whole way home and the trunk naturally rusted out soon thereafter. So we?re thankful for the evolution of the ?cooler?.

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