The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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New Plans For Resort In-Crowd
by Gordon Katz
From The Daily Times (Salisbury), Wednesday, June 7, 1967:

OCEAN CITY – Would you believe “Soul Bridge”?
Psychedelic lights?
Rock and roll bands using an old weather-beaten pontoon for a bandstand?
Hippies and teeny-boppers and others of the in-crowd dancing in the sand?
No alcoholic beverages, LSD or pot?
Sandwiches, soft drinks, and potato chips dispensed from a 24-foot motor launch?
It’s true. And it’s new for Ocean City this season.
The in-crowd will be dancing nightly on the old, abandoned highway bridge into Ocean City, which almost parallels the new span.
A Baltimore outfit named Kasjoco Promotion and Management Co., Inc., is opening the “Soul Bridge”.
A layer of sand has been spread over the floor of the old bridge, which came a cropper in the famous 1933 hurricane. However, a 700-foot stretch of the remnants of that bridge will be used for the dance floor.
And anyone driving into or out of Ocean City at night will be able to see the strange pattern of lights playing on the band and dancers. It’s less than a quarter of a mile from the new bridge.
The dance floor is about eight feet above the water.
Suppose it rains? The band will play on as long as the customers want to dance, rain or no, according to Robert Novick, a 28-year-old advertising man from Pikesville, the manager.
There are some homes within 400 feet of the bridge. No protests from there yet.
The commercial fish docks are nearby.
What do Ocean City officials think about it? Word is that one official has said he’s glad this crowd is getting out of Ocean City, if only across the bridge.
Dancing? From 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Matinees on Saturdays at 4 p.m.
Starting date: June 16 at 11 p.m. following a special rock ‘n’ roll show at Ocean Downs Raceway.
Mr. Novick said bands with names like the “Admirals”, “Echoes”, and “Miracles” will be booked for the “Soul Bridge”.

Curator’s note: Not surprisingly, the opening of the “Soul Bridge” sparked immediate and vocal protests from downtown Ocean City property owners, residents and visitors about the loud music, which was amplified by the stage backdrop and intensified as it crossed the waters of the bay. Ocean City Mayor Hugh Cropper reported on June 26 that he had been “deluged with complaints about the noise coming from the open air teen-age integrated dance establishment.” Lacking jurisdiction, Ocean City officials appealed to the Worcester County Council for assistance. A group of local citizens, represented by Ocean City attorney Marcus J. Williams, also urged the council to take action at a meeting held on June 27. After the council demurred, citing a lack of authority, two warrants were obtained, charging Mr. Novick with disturbing the peace. The charges were dismissed and the club closed after Mr. Novick voluntarily surrendered his dance hall permit on July 4.

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