The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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Ocean City Council Lays Down The Law, 1915
by The Scuttlebutt Newsletter

During the years 1915 to 1916, the Ocean City Mayor William B. S. Powell and the City Council decided that drastic measures should be taken to bring some semblance of order to the growing community.

1. It became unlawful to keep hogs within the city limits. A fine of 50 cents upward to five dollars was imposed on the owner of any horse, cow, ox, sheep or other animal found grazing or running at large on the streets of Ocean City.

2. A tax of 50 cents for male dogs and $1 for female dogs was initiated. Those found running at large were to be shot or sold to the highest bidder.

3. You could no longer throw garbage of any kind on the streets of the town.

4. Person firing any gun, firecracker or other firearm or fireworks will pay a fine of $1.

5. You could no longer ride or drive a horse, mule, ox or cow on the sidewalks, or obstruct the same by placing any box, barrel, coop or peanut roaster upon the streets.

6. It became unlawful for any person to drive, operate or run a motor vehicle up any of the streets, avenues, or highways of the town, at a rate of speed exceeding twelve miles per hour on a straight and open street, and at a rate of speed not exceeding six miles per hour at and upon sharp curves and at the intersection of all streets. Furthermore every motor vehicle was to carry, during the period from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise, at least two lighted lamps showing white lights visible at least two hundred feet in front, and exhibit at least one red light on the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle must have sufficient brakes, and also be provided with a suitable bell, horn or other signal device. A complete stop must be made to allow riders on horseback to alight and gain control of their animal. Breaking of the motor vehicle laws constituted fines of $5 for the first offense, $10 dollars for the second or placed in the county jail until said fine was paid or 30 days.

7. A fine of $1 to $5 was imposed upon any person that hindered or obstructed the free passage of persons passing by and along any public street.

8. The city would no longer tolerate the disturbing of any neighborhood with loud and unseemly noises, nor would they tolerate anyone who profanely cursed or swore, or used obscene language on the streets.

9. Bicycles and push carts were no longer allowed on the city sidewalks.

The Scuttlebutt Newsletter
Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum

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