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Records held in the Public Domain of Worcester County, Maryland
Prepared and transcribed by Suzanne B. Hurley

This record is from our Family Court records.
Southy Whittington

Information in this record:
"As stated in the October Note-Book, Southy Whittington, Senior, the first of that for-name, died between the 20 February 1769 and the 17 March 1773. He was born before 1688, but presumably after 1682. (See the dates of the second and third marriages of his father, Lt. Col. William Whittington.) So that he seems to have lived to be unusually old.*****Southy Whittington, Senior married Mary Fawcett, or, as usually spelled, Fassitt, daughter of William Fassitt, of Somerset County, Maryland. (See Fassitt's will, Worcester County Maryland, MH 111-322. 22 January 1734-30 May 1735.)*****Some questioning has arisen over the fact that William Fassitt in his will, mentions he grandson Littleton Whittington, son of his daughter, Mary Whittington, while Southy Whittington does not mention any son of that name. There was a Littleton Whittington, Son of Isaac, son of Southy. The very early date of Fassitt's will makes it likely that Southy and Mary (Fassitt) Whittington did have a son, Littleton, who died, and that Isaac Whittington either named his son after his brother, or because of the importance of the name. While the compiler has ever been of the opinion that the artifices of commentators, as some one says, but focus attention on and make the more glaring what one might call the absenteeism of facts, yet it would really be going out of one's way and "hunting for trouble" not to accept the simple and only records in this case.*****The account of Whittington's, estate mentions wife Mary, and Southy Whittington [his son], executor. (Somerset Md. EB 11192 October 1775.)***The children of Southy and Mary (Fassitt) Whittington were: Southy m. Esther Nairne; Stevenson; Isaac, m. Elizabeth_______; William m. Priscilla Polk; Hannah, m. John Cox. Mary Fassitt Whittington seems to have died about 1775.*****Southy Whittington, IId of the name, called "Junior," (son of Southy, son of William, son of William) was probably born before 1732. It has already been shown that he received from his father the tracts of Canaan, Goshen, Gilead, part of Recovery, part of Chance in Annamessex, while his brother William received parts of the same tracts as well as other land......but during Southy's life he received (and by his will conveyed) a tract called Cedar Hall on the Pocomoke, and this in a rather peculiar way.*****A tri-partie deed on record in Worcester County, Maryland (G-72, 18 April 1767), recites the conveyance by Janett Pitt, who was formerly Jannett Narn [Nairne], as the party of the first part, Littleton Dennis being the party of the second part, and John Nearn,
Elizabeth Nutter [she had been the wife of Joshua Whittington of the elder branch] and Esther Whittington, wife of Southy Whittington, "all children of the aforesaid Jennett," parties of the third part, to who Jennet conveys [presumably through Dennis as trustee] 250 acres of Cedar Hall, which was devised to her by the last will of Francis Drummond, and of which she has, by her marriage contract, fully disposition.....the consideration being love and affection and five shillings.*****Further than this, Southy's son Southy, by will of John Nairn (1771-1771), receives one-half of Cedar Hall. This was the John Nearn referred to above, who was son of Janet Pitt. It is probable, though no direct explanation appears, that William Whittington, son of her first husband Joshua Whittington, inherited Elizabeth Nutter's interest in Cedar Hall and probably conveyed it, as will be shown later, to one of the Southy's.*****In John Nairn's will (referred to previously), he devises to William Whittington, son of Joshua (who was the first husband of Elizabeth Nairn, afterwards Nutter), his part of Cedar Hall. And this William (son of Joshua) in 1772, 25 December, Worcester County, Maryland I-221), conveys to Southy Whittington, for four hundred and six pounds, five shillings, so the whole tract of Cedar hall finally rested in the family of South Whittington, "Junior," though how the devise to his son was handled the compiler has never quite understood.*****One other note appears in the land records touching Southy Whittington, "Junior." The 3 August 1762 (Somerset, Maryland xxiv-135) "Southy Whittington, the younger", receives from Aaron Sterling of Somerset, consideration five shillings, as trustee for the Sterling heirs, tracts of land called Hap Hazard, Barnitt, 6 acres of Johnson's Lott, First Oration and Sterling's Good Luck.....all in Annemessix.*****Southy Whittington, "Junior," died in 1785 or 1786. Abstract of his will follows. Southy Whittington of Worcester County, Maryland. Wife Esther; son John-Nairn Whittington; son Southy Whittington; daughters Jeannett; Esther; Elizabeth' Leah; Katharine Whittington; Mary Marshall; Sarah Gillett. Wit: Henry Dennis, Samuel Handy, John Teackle, David Long. 15 January 1785w. 29 December 1786p.*********Jannet Whittington, one of the daughters, of Worcester County, died in 1803, and as her will mentions her mother and others of the family it is given here. Jannet Whittington 9 May 1803w.-14 June 1803p. Her mother Esther Whittington; Brother John N. Whittington; Sister Elizabeth Gunby, reversion to Hessey Selby; Sister Leah Long; nephew James Gillett; niece Leah Long; mentions Robert N. Marshall. Brother John N. Whittington, EX. Wit; William Houston, Betsy Gunby.*********Southy Whittington, "Junior," married Esther Nairn, the daughter of Robert and Janet Nairn. See will of Robert Nairn, planter of Worcester County, Maryland, in which he mentions his daughter Elizabeth Whittington, and his daughter Esther Whittington.( 21 January 1761w.3 February1764.) See also, the will of John Nairn, brother of Esther, 11 December 1771.**********The will of Esther Whittington, widow of Southy, is as follows, 6 September 1805w. 11 February 1806p. Deceased daughter Jane Whittington; daughter Betsy Gunby; son John Whittington; daughter Catherine Powell; grand-daughters Eliza Gunby, Leah Long; grand sons John Nairne Whittington; George Washington Powell; Robert Nairne Marshall; Levin Selby; Southey Whittington Gillett. Sons Southy Whittington and John Whittington, EX. Wit; Littleton Dennis, James Merrill." Source: The County Court Note-Book, December 1929.

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