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This record is from our Family Court records.

Information in this record:
Information provided by Kate and Bill Matthews

The Tilghman family was identified by the Venerable Bede in his Opera Historical. Vol. 1, as "in the year 690 the Tilghman Family was established in Kent". It has been conjectured that they arrived in England about 100 AD with the Jutes from Angleland, an area between the Kiel Canal and Denmark. There is much speculation about the origins of the Tilghmans, but in old records they are always referred to as "the ancient family of Snodland Parish". Snodland Parish and its environs were always the center of the Tilghman family. More detailed information concerning this family can be found in "Spes Alit Agricolam" by Stephen Frederick Tiliman, 1962. The numbers prefacing each paragraph are the corresponding paragraph numbers in that book.

1 The first identified member of the Tilghman family is Johannes Tylghman (John Tilghman) who lived in Snodland Parish, Kent County, England, about 1225. Johannes had a son Richardus.

2 Richardus Tylghman, (Richard Tilghman), son of Johannes, lived in Snodland Parish. He had one son, Thomas.

3 Thomas Tilghman, lived in Snodland Parish. He had two sons, Nickolaus and William. There is no record of William having a family.

4 Nicholaus Tilghman, is recorded in the Visitation of Kent as being from Snodland Parish. He had one son, Richardus.

5 Richardus Tilghman, is described in the Visitation of Kent as "Richardus Tilghman de Faversham". Reference is made to the Tilghman family "de Faversham" and the Tilghmans of Snodland Parish as being of the same family. Richardus Tilghman had three sons: William, Thomas, and Nickolas.

1456 Nicholas Tilghman married and settled in Kent County, England. He had one son, Thomas.

1457 Thomas Tilghman is designated in the History of Kent as being the owner of Beechworth Castle in Surrey County, England, which he subsequently sold to John Cassock of Faversham. This history speaks of Thomas Tilghman as being the younger brother of the Snodland branch of
the family which would indicate that he had brothers and sisters. The History of Kent states that the coat-of-arms of the Sussex family is identical to the Snodland family s coat-of-arms, with one identifiable difference, the motto of the Sussex branch was "Spes Alit Agricolam". After Thomas sold Beechworth Castle, he settled in Sussex County. No record has been found of his marriage; a son, Nicholaus is attributed to him, but no other children have been discovered.

1458 Nicholas Tilghman, is described in early English records as being of "de Faversham, Kent, County", this is so noted in on of the Visitations of Kent. His death must have been circa 1591 for page 195 of Harleian Manuscript #25 noted in one of the Visitations of Kent that on "December 13, 1591, Margery Tilghman, daughter of Mr. Tilghman of Faversham, Kent Gent., deceased, married Thomas Bromleye." No record has been found of Nicholas s marriage, but it is known that his children were Nicholas, Margery, and Thomas.

1459 Nicholas Tilghman married Jane Benson according to the family Bible of Christopher Tilghman. On page 184 of Miscellanea Genealogical et Heraldica. 5th 8.4 it is recorded that Nicholas Tilghman, Yeoman, was living in Selling, Faversham Hundred, Kent County, England. Nicholas and Jane had two sons, Christopher and John.

1460 Christopher Tilghman is described in the Visitation of Kent as being "de Selling". He married Anna Sanders, daughter of Edward and Anna (Pandreth) Sanders. Christopher and his wife Anna had children Isaac, Christopher, John and Armigill (twins), and Mary, who married Thomas Bix. Christopher died prior to 1619 for Berry in his County Genealogies speaks of Anna Tilghman, widow of Christopher Tilghman in that year.

1467 Christopher Tilghman was born about 1600 in Snelling Parish, Faversham Hundred, Kent County, England. He married Ruth Devonshire. It is recorded that Christopher came into possession of "Rhodes Court" formerly owned by Thomas Beadle, and in turn sold it to Thomas Carter. "Rhodes Court" is described as a manor situated in the Southeast extremity of the Parish of Selling in the borough of Rhodes. According to Greer s Early Immigrants to Virginia and Patents of Virginia, Christopher immigrated to Virginia on May 9, 1635. Christopher and Ruth Tilghman had three Sons: Gideon, John, and Roger. Christopher died James City County, Virginia.

2982 Gideon Tilghman, son of Christopher and his wife Ruth, was born in Accomac County, Virginia. He was in Somerset County, Maryland, by November 22, 1665. On April 1, 1669, he purchased "Golden Quarter", 100 acres; between 1682 and 1720 he purchased over 1000 acres:
"Tilghman s Adventure" "Gideon s Luck", "Tilghman s Care", "Small Hopes", "Pool-Shape", and "Dale s Adventure". He married first Margarutt Maneux on February 15, 1681, and had issue: Gideon, Solomon, Elinor and John (twins), Moses, Elizabeth, Joseph, and Aaron, all born in Manokin, Somerset County, Maryland. He married second Elizabeth Linzey, daughter of David Linzey. In his will, dated May 7, 1720, he leaves bequests to all his children listed above, evidently there were no children by second wife (Ann. Wills Box 3, folder 9).

5500 Joseph Tilghman married Nancy Harris, sister of Captain Benton Harris of Worcester County, Maryland. Joseph was a Colonel in the Somerset Colonial Militia. He and his wife Nancy had issue: Isaiah; Margaret, married James Hayman; John 0.; Elizabeth; Mary; Sarah; Joseph, Junior; and William. Joseph died in 1767 in Somerset County, Maryland.

5570 Joseph Tilghman was married on January 5, 1785, Nancy Hannah Broughton, daughter of John and Mary (Perkins) Broughton. Joseph was a Militiaman in the Revolutionary War. He and his wife Nancy had issue: Matilda; Amelia, born July 15, 1793; Joseph Broughton, 1796-1865; James, 1799-1859; Esther, born February 23, 1802. (DAR membership may be obtained through this connection.)

Matilda Tilghman, eldest child of Joseph and his wife Nancy,
married John Stratton Dryden (see DRYDEN) and lived with her husband at Rehobeth, Somerset County, Maryland. Matilda and John had issue:

James, 1806-1881, married Harriette Miles; William, 1809-1871, married Elizabeth Powell; David, 1814-1851, married Mary Wilson; Jane, born 1817, married John Mills; Mary, 1820-1866/7, married William Duer; John Stratton, Junior, 1821-1883, married first Mary E. Riggen, married second Charlotte Hester Jane Boston, married third Ann (Boston) Stevenson, sister of second wife; Margaret Elizabeth married William James Scott, Senior (see SCOTT).

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