The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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Records held in the Public Domain of Worcester County, Maryland
Prepared and transcribed by Suzanne B. Hurley

This record is from our Family Court records.
William James, Jr. Scott

Information in this record:
William James Scott, Junior, son of William James Scott, Senior, and Elizabeth Margaret (Dryden) Scott, married August 30, 1893, Ida Elizabeth Hargis (see HARGIS). We have their wedding invitation, including the copper plate from which it was printed. They were married at half after six o clock in the morning so they could catch the train to Philadelphia, were they spent their honeymoon. We have the clipping from the Philadelphia paper detailing much of their stay, the parties held for them and the ones which they attended. It is a very interesting piece of writing from the late nineteenth century. After their marriage, Will and Ida lived on the Scott farm in the Wellington area of Somerset County, Maryland.*******

Will did not marry until he was thirty-five years old. He and his brother Joe held wonderful parties in their bachelor days. We have an invitation to one of these. Will liked to dance, even in his older years. (Sara used to tell us how he set up the loft in the old carriage (barn) so she could have dances and how they would roll back the carpets in the parlor and dance to the music of the gramophone [Lynn has this in her dining room.)********

Will and Joe owned, as partners and individually, several pieces of property and several business. They owned a sawmill (which sawed the lumber from Will s forest for the Scott House at 14 Second Street in Pocomoke City, built in 1910), a basket and box business (Scott Bros.) at Kings Creek, Princess Ann, Somerset County, Maryland, (we have one of their boxes) and numerous properties and businesses throughout Worcester and Somerset Counties. The Antique Center, just east of Princess Anne, is thought by Bill to be on the site of the basket and box factory, with the adjacent railroad siding. This is just opposite the Somerset/Wicomico jail and Beverly of Somerset. Today, Will and Joe would be considered to be entrepreneurs.******

Of all of the properties owned by Ida and Will, one of the most interesting was Bonneville Avenue in Pocomoke City. All the houses on the street are alike and all were built at the same time by the Scoffs; the street is known locally as Scott's Row.*******

Will and Ida had issue: Mildred Elizabeth, born September 20, 1895,******
dy; Louise Margaret Maddox, foster child, born March 3, 1892;******* Mary Hargis (see MATTHEWS); ******William James, III, born and died October 20, 1900, *******Sara Margaret, born August 1, 1904, married David Ardis Dallas, of Salisbury, Wicomico County, Maryland, d.s.p.; ******Ida Elizabeth, born September 6, 1910, married Daniel Henry Wright of Cambridge, Dorchester County, Maryland. Ida and Dan had one daughter, Elizabeth {Beth} Ann, who married Rodney Paul Hurley; they had three children, Rodney Paul, Junior, Stephen {Steve} Wright, and Nancy Ann.

******Paul married Constance {Connie} Wilcox, they have two children Michael Paul and Erin Rebecca; Steve married first, Merris Brigmann, they have two children, Patrick and Paige, divorced; Steve married second Paula ________ (she has two children, Andrew and Nicole); Nancy married John {Jay} Harrington, they have three sons: Todd Daniel, Joseph William, and Robert Andrew.********

This is the story of how Louise became Will and Ida

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