The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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Records held in the Public Domain of Worcester County, Maryland
Prepared and transcribed by Suzanne B. Hurley

This record is from our Chancery Court records.
William McGregor

Chancery Court Date: 5/14/1836

Information in this record:
14 May 1836 William McGregor 17 February 1823w. Will says to sell land he held in the forest called Hog Quarter in Quango Hundred 138 acres and pay to the heirs of Jacob Dale deceased, 1/6 part of the purchase money, that 1/2 of the balance be applied to the education of his son William McGregor and the other 1/2 or residue to be divided between son John and his son James McGregor Dale (complainant) who is one of the children and heirs at law of said Jacob Dale deceased. That he appointed Thomas N. Williams and his son John McGregor EX's. That John McGregor renounced EX. That on the last of June 1827, Thomas N. Williams departed this life. That William McGregor left heirs at law: James, John, William who has since departed this life without leaving issue, Margaret who intermarried with Powell Pattey, Mary who intermarried with John Powell, Nancy who intermarried with George Parsons, Patty who intermarried with Levin H. Purnell and Elizabeth who intermarried with William Holland. Patty and Elizabeth over 21 years of age not residing in Maryland but in Tennessee. All the other children over 21 and residing in Worcester County, Md. That William McGregor had a pre-nuptial contract with his wife of no right of dower or third in my estate. That she should have none of my property nor I any of hers and I give up all her property at her request to hers sons. His sons William, John, James, daughters Betty Holland and Polly Purnell land in Wilson County, Tennessee. Peggy Pattey land on Herron Creek (McGregor's Purchase) her sons Kendall Pattey and John Pattey also Holly Grove, daughter Molly McGregor, daughter Nancy McGregor, wife Betsy McGregor all my right to the lands of her former husband Adam Bratten, deceased. Part of my lands where I dwell descended to my wife Mary by the death of her father James Dale who died intestate. 17 February 1823w. 8 March 1825p.

Some entries show dates specifically and separately. Some have the dates within the Information notes:
c = Chancery Court Date
f = Family Court Date
o = Orphan Court Date
w = Will Date
p = Probate Date

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