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Records held in the Public Domain of Worcester County, Maryland
Prepared and transcribed by Suzanne B. Hurley

This record is from our Chancery Court records.
John Jones

Chancery Court Date: 2/7/1826

Information in this record:
7 Feb. 1836 That John Jones became the owner of Jones Adventure, Bachelor's Adventure, Good Luck and part of Pagan from a certain Giles Jones, bearing date 23 January 1827. That John Jones conveyed the whole to Mary Jones and Eliza Jones who has since intermarried with George Hardis, and William Jones, Sarah Anne Jones, Giles Jones, Margaret Jones, John M. Jones and George W. Jones children of the said Giles Jones the said deed bearing date 9 April 1831. That William Jones and wife have sold their right in the land to John O. Selby and that George Jones has departed this life intestate and without leaving issue prior to the said sale by William Jones. That the said Giles Jones, the father, departed this life on the 13 November 1831. That Sarah Anne Jones, Giles Jones, Margaret Jones and John M. Jones are all minors. That John Jones in consideration of his natural love and affection he has unto Molly, William, Eliza, Sarah A., Giles, Margaret, John M. and George W. Jones children of Giles Jones, Sr. except 50 acres John Jones sold to Isaac Jones. Nancy Jones wife of John Jones appears. 24 September 1835 between William Jones and Henrietta his wife and John O. Selby. George Bishop appointed to answer for the minors. That on 4 May 1837 Elizabeth Jones says she consents to the sale...and believes that her interest as the widow of Giles Jones she is entitled to the 2/3 part of the said land, her full dower right. Barnabey Taylor who has intermarried with Mary Jones one of the complainants. That George Jones has departed this life dying intestate, leaving no issue. That Giles Jones, the father had departed this life about 4 or 5 years ago. That George Hardis, the father and friend of Mary Elizabeth Hardis and Ann Elizabeth Hardis minor children and heirs at law of Eliza Hardis. Outten Selby, James Selby, Isaac Selby and Elizabeth Selby who are of full age, the children and heirs of John O. Selby one of the complainants and of Catherine Selby widow of John O. Selby respectfully suggest to your honor the death of Eliza Hardis sometime in the last of the year 1837 and that she left the following persons her legal representatives and heirs to wit: George Hardis, her husband, Mary Elizabeth Hardis and Ann Elizabeth Hardis, and also the death of John O. Selby intestate during the last term of court, and that he left the aforesaid Outten, James, Isaac and Elizabeth. Cathrine his widow.
Accounts and case settled May term 1841.
Giles Jones d. 12 Nov. 1831
m. Elizabeth
1.Mary/Molly Jones
m. Barnaby Taylor
2.Eliza Jones d. 1837
m. George Hardis
Issue Mary Elizabeth Hardis
Anne Elizabeth Hardis
3.William Jones
m. Harriett
4.Sally Ann Jones
5.Giles Jones
6.Margaret Jones
7.John M. Jones
8.George W. Jones d. before 1839.
John O. Selby d. 1837
m. Catherine
Outten Selby
James Selby
Isaac Selby
Elizabeth Selby.

Some entries show dates specifically and separately. Some have the dates within the Information notes:
c = Chancery Court Date
f = Family Court Date
o = Orphan Court Date
w = Will Date
p = Probate Date

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