The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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Records held in the Public Domain of Worcester County, Maryland
Prepared and transcribed by Suzanne B. Hurley

This record is from our Obituary records.
Mrs. Insley

Information in this record:
By the Cambridge Chronicle, we learn, that between 9 & 11 o'clock, a
Mrs. Insley, in the absence of her husband, was murdered on Tuesday
last, at her residence, near Vienna, Md. At the time of this foul and
horrible transaction, there appears to have been on the farm, beside
the unfortunate lady and her infant child, a white man and black lad,
a negro man, woman and nurse. The first two were at work in the wood,
some distance off - the latter were near or about the house. Upon
passing or perhaps entering the door of which, one of these heard an
unusual noise, and turning to ascertain whence it proceeded, saw Mrs.
I. prostrate, under the bed, bleeding profusely. This was speedily
communicated to the rest, and she, shockingly lacerated, speechless,
dying and insensible to all but agony, was removed to a chair and
placed in it, where her deadly contusions and gaping wounds still
issuing copious streams of blood, she survived but a short time. The
instrument used to consummate the diabolical sacrifice of this unhappy
victim of an incorrigible passion, was an axe - With which, horrible
to relate, her scull was fractured, her throat cut and one of her arms
broken. Thus in cold blood, was she butchered, for the love of filthy
lucre; for , a desire of money, to have been in her possession, it
seems, was the cause which led to the deed; and it must be added, that
she upon whom it was perpetrated, was in quite an advanced state of
The negro man and woman alluded to above were immediately apprehended
and are now in prison to await their trial, which will doubtless take
place at the next session of our county court, which is to commence on
the first Monday in April. Snow Hill Messenger, 29 March 1831.

Some entries show dates specifically and separately. Some have the dates within the Information notes:
c = Chancery Court Date
f = Family Court Date
o = Orphan Court Date
w = Will Date
p = Probate Date

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