The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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Prepared and transcribed by Suzanne B. Hurley

This record is from our Obituary records.
John Andrew Jackson Hudson

Obituary Date: 7/31/1909

Information in this record:
AN ACCIDENT OR SUICIDE? Captain of North Beach Life-Saving Station Found Drowned in Water Tank. Captain John Andrew Jackson Hudson, captain of North Beach Life-Saving Station, was found dead Tuesday morning last in the cistern attached to the station. A coroner's jury, composed of twelve citizens of Ocean City, summoned by James A. Mumford, magistrate, went to North Beach Station and after viewing the remains and looking into the matter of Captain Hudson's death thoroughly, rendered a verdict of suicide. Captain Hudson had been connected with the United States Life Saving Service ever since the organization of the service. He was a brave seaman, a thorough disciplinarian, and was greatly devoted to the Life-Saving service. He was a member of the Masonic Order, was an Odd Fellow and a good citizen of Worcester County. It was his boast that he never voted anything but a Democratic ticket and he was proud that he was a namesake of one of the fathers of Democracy. The North Beach Life-Saving Station is a lonely spot 10 miles below Ocean City, and at this time of the year when the Life-Savers are off duty, but two men stay at the station. Captain Hudson had been worried by debts which he was unable to meet and had been complaining of ill health for several years, had been very despondent for some time past, and Monday night at 6 o'clock James T. Quillen, the only other man at the station, said when he got supper for the captain the latter seemed more depressed than usual and noticed that his head dropped frequently with spasmodic jerks. Mr. Quillen had often heard Captain Hudson say he had troubles enough to kill him, and when he went from his house to the station early in the morning to serve Captain Hudson's breakfast and could not find him, he immediately became suspicious and began a search. He found Captain Hudson face down in his night clothes in the water tank. A letter to his wife and children at Berlin, written Saturday night, made no mention of his intention to commit suicide although he stated significantly at the end of the letter that things were going badly with him and he did not know when he would get home again. The family of Captain Hudson and many friends as well, do not believe he committed suicide. They say he was in very poor health and had been subject to attacks of vertigo. The believe he had on of these attacks which he was leaning over the tank in the night to get a drink of water, and died of heart failure. One of his friends said that he knew Captain Hudson preferred this water and he had frequently gone to the tank at night to get a drink. Captain Hudson was 52 years old last January and had been in the life saving service for 29 years. He had been captain of the North Beach station for 19 years and was one of the most popular and hospitable captains in the service. He is survived by a widow and eight children, the youngest of which is only seven years old. Captain Hudson had a residence on North Beach which he occupied for many years, but recently he moved his family to Berlin that they might be more comfortably situated. The news of his death was a great shock not only to his wife and children but to the entire community. Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon and interment was in Evergreen Cemetery. 31 July 1909 Democratic Messenger, Snow Hill, Maryland. Research by Bob Stevens.

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