The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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Records held in the Public Domain of Worcester County, Maryland
Prepared and transcribed by Suzanne B. Hurley

This record is from our Chancery Court records.
William Ennis

Chancery Court Date: 10/27/1823

Information in this record:
27 October 1823 That William Ennis died seized of part of Chance he acquired by descent from his mother which descended to him from heirs on the part of his mother. To wit: Hester Bowen wife of Kendall T. Bowen, Sally wife of Barzellia Parker, maternal aunts to William Ennis and the following children of a deceased maternal uncle to wit: Mary P. Jones intermarried with Obed Jones, John P. Wright and Ann Wright. Ann Wright a minor. That James B. Robins purchased the right of John P. Wright one of the said heirs at the November term 1822. That William Ennis died seized of land called Commander that descended to him from his father and that the same has descended to a brother and to sisters of the half blood on the part of the father to wit: Mary Denny wife of John Denny, full age, and Levin Ennis, Sarah Ennis, Rachel Ennis, Rebecca Ennis, Zepporah Ennis, Isabella Ennis, Eliza A. Ennis and Susan Ennis who are minors.
William Ennis, his Mother m. Ennis
his Aunt Hester m. Bowen
his Aunt Sally m. Parker
his Uncle
Mary Wright m. a Mr. Jones
John P. Wright
Ann Wright
William Ennis son of Father Ennis
Mary + Denny children of Father Ennis and his second wife.
Levin Ennis
Sarah Ennis
Rachel Ennis
Rebecca Ennis
Zepporah Ennis
Isabella Ennis
Eliza A. Ennis
Sarah Ennis
**It appears that the court scribe neglected to copy the remainder of the document.

Some entries show dates specifically and separately. Some have the dates within the Information notes:
c = Chancery Court Date
f = Family Court Date
o = Orphan Court Date
w = Will Date
p = Probate Date

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