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Records held in the Public Domain of Worcester County, Maryland
Prepared and transcribed by Suzanne B. Hurley

This record is from our Family Court records.
John Cropper

Information in this record:
John Cropper was born in 1645. He is possibly the son of one Peter Cropper who was in Virginia by 1640. In 1659, a William Taylor gave a heifer to his son in law John Cropper; in that time the term usually meant stepson, so Taylor may have married John Cropper's mother, unnamed. In 1663, John Cropper gave his age as eighteen. He was a Scotchman and a carpenter.
Source Whitelaw, page 1040.

In or about the year 1670 John Cropper married Gertrude Bowman, the daughter of Major Edmund Bowman and his wife Catherine.

In Virginia in 1669 John Cropper buys 245 acres of land from Robert and Susan Richardson. Four years later in 1673 he sells this property to John Fassitt. He is married to Gertrude at this time as she consents to the sale. In 1679 Cropper also sold 355
acres in Virginia which he had also purchased from the Richardson's.
It was during this same year that Cropper purchased land in Maryland from one Edward Wale (Whaley) and his wife Elizabeth. This land patent was called Assateague Field containing 1200 acres.

During the Cropper's time in Virginia, they apparently lived as neighbors to the John Fassitt family. Fassitt was the High Sheriff of Accomack County. John Fassitt, Sr. died in 1673, leaving his widow Rhoda with four or five children. Rhoda must have been a strikingly beautiful woman for not long after her husband's death she had lured John Cropper away from his wife and children and had begun to live in adultery with him. This was a passionate relationship which would last through out John's lifetime.

By 1680, John had, as his wife Gertrude stated, "secretly moved his valuable estate along with Rhoda Fassitt into Somerset County, Maryland." Maryland immigration records confirm that both John and Rhoda were residents of the colony by that time. John coming alone and Rhoda with her four children, namely Charles, Elizabeth, Thomas and Thomas.

As I have previously stated John purchased 1200 acres of land called Assateague Field, this he would later rename Rixsom or Wrixsom, both spellings were used in the land records. He would also own 100 acres on Assateague Island, Golden Valley or Golden Value, Hogg Quarter, Point Look Out, Lineath, Hogsnorten/Hogsnorton Isles, Sturbridge/Furbridge and Laidies Delight 1000 acres on the Rehoboth Bay.

John settled in what today we refer to as Sinepuxent Neck on property very near the Fassitt house which has remained standing all these several hundred years.

From the will of Edmund Bowman, Gertrude's father, who died in 1691, in Accomack, Virginia, I feel sure that John Cropper had three legitimate children, for Bowman left to his grandsons Sebastian Cropper, Edmund Bowman Cropper and Nathaniel Cropper.

I believe that John Cropper's sons John and Ebenezer and his daughters Elizabeth and Sara Cropper were the bastard children of his union with Rhoda Fassitt.
John Cropper died during November of 1886, at the age of 45.

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