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Records held in the Public Domain of Worcester County, Maryland
Prepared and transcribed by Suzanne B. Hurley

This record is from our Family Court records.
John Cropper

Information in this record:
Gertrude Cropper (wife of John Cropper) Prerogative Court (Testamentary Proceedings) Book 13, 4 March 1886, p. 458-461 and 485.
Gertrude, the relict and widow of John Cropper deceased, humbly showeth that in or about the year of our lord 1670, Gertrude was lawfully joined in the bonds of matrimony to him the said John Cropper, then an inhabitant of Accomack County, Virginia, with whom she lived for the time of six or seven years and by him had several children who are yet living, but in that time, he the said John Cropper, Gertrude's husband, through the allurements of one Rhoda Fassitt, betook himself unlawfully to her company and through her endearments Gertrude's husband John, dwelt for hardly with Gertrude. That she was in danger of her life and __________ _________ ______ to have his favors with her the said Rhoda Fassitt, that Gertrude's husband secretly and privately removed all of his valuable estate into Somerset County in this Providence together with the said Rhoda Fassitt and there lived in adultery with her for about ten years by who she had several bastard children and in the mean time Gertrude, with her children was enforced to seek to her relations for relief, which partly they and partly Gertrude's labor hath maintained ever since Gertrude's husband left her. All which ________ makes _______ of_______ by the records of Somerset County Court as other sufficient witnesses.
Now may it please your Honor, for it is that, in or about the month of November, last past, that Gertrude's husband John Cropper departed this life seized of several tracts of land lying in this providence and lawfully possessed of sundry goods and chattels, the greater part which of he by his last will and testament bequeath to those his bastard children and made the said Rhoda Fassitt sole executrix of which estate she now possesses and hath not left anything to Gertrude and although Gertrude hath demanded her dower right, yet she the said Rhoda utterly refuseth to give to Gertrude anything of her said husbands estate, which by Gertrude is likely to suffer by great want and poverty.
Wherefore Gertrude humbly prays that Probate of the said will be suspended while Gertrude had made proof of what is her dower right. She humbly supplicated a convenient time and place may be appointed, the evidence being remote and several inhabitants in Virginia and that in the mean time, the estate formerly belonging to Gertrude's husband aforesaid may be searched from further waste and inventory and the said Rhoda Fassitt give a just account upon oath of what goods and chattels ____ to or be lands which Gertrude's husband died possessed. That your Honor will consider by what manner Gertrude may have her right and as is duty bound.
2 March 1886 The afore going petition _______ and by the judge's hand and fully understood the prayer of the said petitioner (Gertrude) was granted.
4 March 1686
Therefore it was ordered by the Honorable Judge's that the following: Henry Darnall and Clement Hill, Esquire, Judges for Probate Wills and granting Administrations with the Providence of Maryland. To the Justices of Somerset County or any four of you in Court sitting: Granting where as this day, the second day of March in the Twelfth year of the Domain of the Right Honorable Charles Lord Baron of Baltimore in the year 1686 was exhibited before us the humble petition of Gertrude Cropper the relict and widow of John Cropper late of Somerset County aforesaid.
Gertrude Cropper, the widow of John Cropper. Book 14. 20 April 1687, pp. 121-122.
Know all men by those present that I, Gertrude , the relict and widow of John Cropper deceased, for and in consideration of five thousand pounds of tobacco in hand paid before the sealing and delivery of those present by Rhoda Fassit of Somerset County, the executrix of the last will and testament of my husband John Cropper deceased late of Somerset County in the Providence of Maryland do by those present acquit, discharge and surrender to her the said Rhoda Fassit of and from all right, title, claim or ________ of dower or any other claim I the said Gertrude may have in or to the estate formerly _________ unto my husband John Cropper deceased as aforesaid as also all the title, claim or interest unto him _________ or anyway belonging, the same with the aforesaid _______ is to ______ and __ to the sole ________ benefit and behalf of her the said Rhoda Fassitt her heirs and assigns forever, so that I the said Gertrude Cropper those present am wholly ___________ and ________ disbarred from any right, title, claim or interest in or to the same or any part there of as written by hand and seal the 20th day of April 1687.
The mark of Gertrude Cropper as her signature.
I Gertrude, the relict and widow of John Cropper late of Somerset County in the Providence of Maryland, deceased, do by those present _______and in my stead and place put my attorney William Whittington my true and lawfully attorney for me and in my name and to my use to a_________ for levy require, record and receive of and from Rhoda Fassitt all and what so ever is or shall be any ways due to me out of the estate formerly belonging to my husband John Cropper deceased and upon _________---- or _________ of the same to make such process in the law for the recovery thereof as by him my said Attorney shall be thought ________ and convenient as also out or more attorney under him my said attorney to make and subsu______ and against at _____ to revoke and whatsoever he my said attorney shall do or cause to be done in and about the premises this shall be his sufficient warrant as written my hand this 20th day of April 1687.
The mark of Gertrude Cropper.
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of John Davis and John Collins.
Most Honorable Gentlemen
At the instance and request of Mrs. Rhoda Fassitt, ____ may humbly ____ of your Honor that Mrs. Gertrude Cropper hath made compensation with the said Rhoda and for a valuable consideration did relinquish and surrender unto to her all the right title of dower and her right of administration upon the estate of her husband John Cropper late of Somerset County from her the said Gertrude, as by a certain release by her made, signed sealed and delivered to her the said Rhoda doth now largely appear, also I did see the said Gertrude Cropper sign seal and ? as her attorney with deed Gertrude did give in a general letter of Attorney to empower some persons to pros______ the said Mrs. Fassitt and I did employ Mr. Robert Iarvile, but upon their compensation I gave notice thereof to him with a request that he might inform your Honor thereof which is all from your Honor's most humble servant.
Signed William Whittington
20th March 1687/8.
Where as I ______ William Whittington of Somerset County did employ me to _____ a ______ in the court for probate of wills and on behalf of Gertrude Cropper the widow of John Cropper deceased against Rhoda Fausitt. I have received from the said William Whittington a letter to _____ from any further prosecution in the said case, the parties there at ____ being agreed and from any further proceedings I am stopped.
Robert Carvile, his signature.
7th April 1688.
There was exhibited the will of the said John Cropper where in he appointed the said Rhoda Fausitt whole ex. who prayed Letters Testemenatary and it was granted by the Judges _______ then issued to Samuel Hopkins, Gentleman to take probate of the will and ____ and ___ then also issued to Charles Rachcliff and Mathew Scarborough appraisers.

PREROGATIVE COURT (Testamentary Proceedings)
Book 14, John Cropper, 1688, p. 126.

Was exhibited the last Will and Testament of John Cropper late of Somerset County, deceased, proved by the oaths of the witnesses before Samuel Hopkins, Gentleman. The said Samuel Hopkins made returns that he had sworn Rhoda Fassett Ex. and Charles Ratcliff and Mathew Scarborough Appraisers.


The petition of Thomas Poole against the Widow Fassett as administrator of the estate of John Cropper deceased. That whereas the said John Cropper in his life time became indebted to the petitioner in the sum of 1700 pounds of tobacco as by account for which you petitioner humbly request order against Rhoda Fassett administrator of the estate of John Cropper aforesaid now deceased for the sum of 1700 pounds of tobacco.
As of August 9th 1684, debt incurred.
For forcing Richard Talburt and his wife and child from St. Mary's...................1000 pounds of tobacco.
To 1 hogshead of tobacco paid William Underwood..........400 pounds of tobacco.
To 3 fees against Talburt..........300
Total due to Thomas Poole........1700 pounds of tobacco.

this court having taken the promises into consideration and after hearing the aforesaid petition of Thomas Poole read. Order that Rhoda Fossett administrator of the estate of John Cropper, aforesaid, deceased, pay into the aforesaid Thomas Poole the sum of Seventeen hundred pounds of tobacco.

The petition of James Rounds causing and order against Rhoda Fassett as administrator of the estate of John Cropper late of this county deceased for 399 pounds of tobacco due to him upon balance of account as it may and doth appear of account here in court to be produced.
As of March 31, 1685, debt incurred.
Of your note to pay John More........040.
Paid to Mr. John Taylor..............552
To two gallons of Rum................100
To 1 lock key and hinge..............045
To 1 gal. rum,50, 1 glass to your man013
To 15 lbs. of pork due to balance on
pork account.....................022
1 bottle spirits,12, s_____an ax,15,.027
Of his subscription towards building
of church........................050
899 pounds of tobacco

Four cows and calf...................500
Due to balance to James Rounds.......399
After hearing the aforesaid petition it was ordered by this court that Rhoda Fossett administrator of the estate of John Cropper deceased pay unto the aforesaid James Rounds the said balance of his account being three hundred ninety nine pounds of tobacco.

13 June 1689
James Sangster, plaintiff
Rodeyah Fossett, administrator , defendant
Somerset County Rodeyah Fossett, administrator of the estate of John Cropper late of this county was attached to answer unto James Sangster of the same county in the action of the case.
And whereupon the plaintiff by himself so comes and says that he the said John Cropper was indebted unto the plaintiff in the full and just sum of six hundred pounds of tobacco for certain fees as doth and may appear of account herein court of _______ which said sum the said Cropper, deceased, did assume and promise to pay the sum to the plaintiff or order whereupon the plaintiff did order _________. Therefore did draw a note upon Edward Beauchamp and not as yet paid to the plaintiffs great loss to the value of twelve hundred pounds of tobacco and thereupon this suit.
To fee Cropper against Richard Talbott......300 pounds tobacco.
To fee Cropper against Richard Cockshill....200 pounds tobacco.
To advice...................................100 pounds tobacco.
Total.......................................600 pounds tobacco.

By two small primers........................015
Due to balance..............................585

This account had been outstanding since 12 Jan. 1685.
Whereupon it is considered by the court here that the said James Sangster, plaintiff against the said Rohoyah Fossett administrator aforesaid play the full sum of five hundred eighty five pounds of tobacco.

13 June 1689
John Vigerous, plaintiff
Rodeyah Fossett, administrator, defendant
Somerset County, Rodeyah Fossett, administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels of John Cropper late of this county deceased was summoned to answer unto John Vigorous, Chirurgeon, in an account of the case.

An whereupon the plaintiff by his attorney Thomas Poole comes and sayth that she the said Rodoyah standeth indebted unto the plaintiff the full and just sum of five thousand three hundred and eighty pounds of tobacco in the year of our Lord 1686 it being due to the plaintiff for several journeys and physical ___________ of the plaintiff at several times ___ ____________--
court ___ the which account the said Rodeyah doth refuse to pay although often thereunto required by the plaintiff whereupon the plaintiff brings this account against the estate of the aforesaid John Cropper late of this county deceased.
Came John Vigorous and made other to his account.
And the defendant in her proper ____ cometh and defendeth the ____and ________prayeth liberty to impart onto the next county court and it is granted her the same day is granted to the plaintiff.
As which said county court _____the 13th day of June in the ____th year of the domain of the right honorable Charles in the year 1689 came the parties aforesaid and by mutual consent put themselves to the indulgence of the court.
Where upon it is considered by this court that the said John Vigorous, plaintiff against Rodeyah/Rhoda Fassett administrator aforesaid the sum of one thousand pounds of tobacco in full of the said account.

PREROGATIVE COURT, BOOK 15a, John Cropper, 22 August 1693.

We humbly move and supplicate in behalf of Mr. John Franklyn/Franklin that his wife's absence at St. Mary's may be excused she being incapacitated to make the voyage over the bay as the Francklyn/Franklin a__________, who living with these ____the testamentary proceedings of John Cropper ___________ may be to your honorable _____, but if otherwise will be always ready to yield his obedience to your honors further command.
Your honorable _____Nehemiah Blackeson, sitting.
Submitted by Robert King and Samuel Hopkins.

Book 15c Somerset County Testementary Proceedings, p. 114
Came Rhoda Francklin ex, of John Cropper, late of Somerset County, deceased and exhibited some of her accounts past. Sworn and allowed by the Justices of the same county court and attested under the hand of the clerk of the aforesaid court, which he judge having ______ ordered the same 10 pounds recorded in the effect.

Some entries show dates specifically and separately. Some have the dates within the Information notes:
c = Chancery Court Date
f = Family Court Date
o = Orphan Court Date
w = Will Date
p = Probate Date

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