The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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Records held in the Public Domain of Worcester County, Maryland
Prepared and transcribed by Suzanne B. Hurley

This record is from our Family Court records.
John Cropper

Information in this record:
John Cropper, of Somerset County, Carpenter, September 1686w. Probate 1688 at Somerset County, Maryland
To John Fassett/Fassitt, 200 acres at Geropamco, a part of a piece containing 300 acres called Sinneett/Linneett, then to make over to Thomas Osborn/Osborne.
To Thomas Morris, 200 acres near aforesaid land being given to me by John Fassett and being called Hoggs Quarter Isles and 100 acres of Sinneett.
Son John Cropper, 700 acre plantation I now dwell, part of 1200 acres called Rixsom.
Son Ebenezer Cropper, 500 acres Rixsom. Description of division.
Son Edmund Cropper, one parcel of land, 400 acres upon Indian River near Rehoboth Bay in Sussex County, being part of a patent of 1000 acres.
Nathaniel Cropper, remaining part 500 acres aforesaid land called Ladies Delight. Description of land.
Daughter Elizabeth, 300 acres being in Asskesenerson? against Harssord Town in Somerset County upon the Pocomoke River called The Indian Landing.
To Sara Cropper, 150 acres at the head of Pocomoke River called Furbridge.
To John and Ebenezer Cropper, together, Hoggs Quarter, 200 acres at the head of James Rounds land.
To my beloved friend Rhoda Fassett/Fassitt, to her for her express favors, 250 acres in woods near Geromcoe, called Golden Value.
To Son John.
To daughter Elizabeth.
Wife Gertrude Cropper's children that are not mentioned in my will, one shilling, sterling money and no more.
To Rhoda Fassitt, the beloved friend.
Rhoda Fassitt to be my executrix, with James Rounds and W. Charles Patty executioners in trust.
Witnesses: John Cole, John Vigerous, Thomas Bromley.
Appraisers: Charles Rachcliff and Martha Scarbough.
Brother Thomas and his three children is written down the side of the page.
Signed John Cropper.

Some entries show dates specifically and separately. Some have the dates within the Information notes:
c = Chancery Court Date
f = Family Court Date
o = Orphan Court Date
w = Will Date
p = Probate Date

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