The Times and Tides of Ocean City, Maryland
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This record is from our Obituary records.
George Cropper

Obituary Date: 9/29/1903

Information in this record:
Cropper, George
Capsize of a fishing boat...1903...While a large fishing boat under oars, carrying a heavy burden of fish an manned by seven men, was approaching the beach at Ocean City, Maryland, on September 29, 1903, she capsized and one of the crew perished. It appears from the testimony of the witnesses that the boat left the beach just after sun-
rise to get the fish which they expected to find in a pound about a mile and a half off shore. The sea was heavy, the surf breaking high on the beach, and the wind stiff from the northwest, but the hardy men who engage in fishing along that shore took no especial note of the conditions, and all testify that they gave no thought to danger. Right
on the bar, however, which they reached on their return at a little past 8 o'clock, a much heavier sea than usual made up and broke under the stern of the boat, which rising on top of the wave, took a rank steer and turned over, throwing all hands into the surf. Some swam for the shore while others clung to the boat, George Cropper being one of the latter. His position was about mid-ships of the boat, and soon an especially heavy sea struck it, knocking him off and sending him adrift along the bar. He cried for help and his comrades perceived his half-paralyzed condition, but the circumstances were such that they could do no more than put forth their best efforts, each for his own preservation. When the capsize took place Captain Charles Ludlam, who had also been out to the pound with his crew and returned, was on the beach watching the boat, and as soon as he saw the accident he and his men launched and pulled to the rescue. In five minutes, it is stated, he had all hands in his boat, but Cropper was apparently dead when taken from the water. As soon as he was landed, Captain Christopher Ludlam, who had
formerly been a keeper in the Life-Saving Service, began operations to resuscitate the body, in which he was joined a few minutes later by Keeper Dunton and others of the Ocean City Life-Saving Station. All their efforts, however, proved unavailing. When the capsize took place Keeper Dunton and his crew were on the bar pulling outward for drill purposes when they happened to notice to the southward the capsized boat, whereupon they immediately rowed ashore and sedulously devoted their attention to the resuscitation of Cropper's body. All the witnesses testify that the life-saving crew reached the scene as soon as was possible and did all they could to save life and property, and in no respect failed in the performance of their duty. Annual Report, USLSS, 1904.

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