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Prepared and transcribed by Suzanne B. Hurley

This record is from our Obituary records.
Archie Cropper

Obituary Date: 8/22/1912

Information in this record:
Cropper, Archie
First Automobile Fatality
Archie Cropper, of Ocean City,
Met Death in An Automobile Near Berlin, Maryland
The first automobile accident in Worcester County that has resulted in the sacrifice of a human life occurred about 6 o'clock Friday evening of last week.
The accident took place near Berlin, the victim being Mr. Archie Cropper of Ocean City. The car in which the accident occurred was driven by Mr. Harry Ludlam of Ocean City, who was returning to the beach with a party of men who work at his fish camp. In attempting to pass another machine, which was driven by Mr. Hale Harrison of Berlin, Mr. Ludlam's
car ran unto a stone culvert along the road on the left hand side. He was unable to force the machine out of the culvert and crashed with great force against the bulwark of the cement bridge. The axle struck the bulwark and the machine glanced across the bridge, throwing the five occupants out of the car. Cropper was thrown over the breastworks and it
is supposed that the wheel of the machine struck him after clearing the bulwark, as his body was found crushed against the embankment.
Mr. Ludlam who was driving the machine, was thrown on the hood of the engine with such force that he carried the steering wheel with him. The other passengers were, William Rodney, Ernest Jackson and Edward Williams, who escaped injuries. Dr. Zadock P. Henry came along in a few minutes
after the accident, and placing the injured man in his automobile, he was rushed to Berlin, but medical skill and science could do nothing to save his life. He died about nine o'clock, three hours after the appalling accident. Mr. Cropper was about thirty-five years old and is survived by
a widow and three small children, for whom much sympathy is felt.
The body was prepared for burial at the undertaking establishment of J. W. Burbage and Bro. and afterwards taken to his home in Ocean City. On Sunday, the remains were taken to Berlin for burial. As the funeral procession was passing through Berlin, it was halted by Constable Jerry Campbell on a warrant from Justice of the Peace Bennen, for an inquest.
The body was again taken to the undertaking establishment, and viewed, while the widow and children and a large assemblage of sorrowing friends were compelled to await the arrival of the body at the church. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Thomas Kerr, after which the body
was laid to rest in Buckingham Cemetery.
General indignation is expressed at the action of the officials in stopping the funeral procession, as it is claimed such action was un-warranted and unnecessary and was an ordeal that the relatives and friends should have been spared.
A report was circulated that State's Attorney, Johnson, authorized the proceedings. Mr. Johnson says he did nothing of the kind.
A jury of inquest on Wednesday of this week rendered a verdict that the death of Mr. Cropper was accidental and all of the parties in the automobiles were exonerated from blame. Democratic Messenger, August 22, 1912.

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