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This record is from our Obituary records.
Ara Parker Bowen

Obituary Date: 5/25/1922

Information in this record:
Ara Parker Bowen, a fadeless name. The generation that knew him must pass before his name is forgotten. He was so intimately associated with the social business and religious life of the community that he can never be forgotten. Not only in his home, but in the dear old church at Trinity, he was devotedly loved. I knew him from boyhood and the uniform consistency of his life was un-blemished by a single irregularity. I loved him and I had reason to love him. He
was the man at the other end of the pole and it mattered not how heavy the load he kept up his end. How bravely he stood by me in the building of the Trinity Church. Few people now remember the old Basket Town shack which we destroyed and the building of the Trinity Church, more recently succeeded by the church at Newark. Ara P. Bowen was converted when a boy in the old Basket Town church. A protracted meeting was in progress. Folks came in after church and reported a good meeting. They said Ara was converted. A gentleman present said "That is a mistake, Ara was borne converted." He lived a blameless life until May 25, 1922 when God took him. On May 12, 1870, he was married to a sweet tempered girl, Savannah Aydelotte, who made him a devoted wife. On August 24, 1907, he had both legs crushed under a rail road train. To the surprise of everyone, he lived through the accident. A wonderful example of patience and persistency. He was made Notary Public at Berlin and continued in office until his death. The last time I saw him, when I kissed him good-bye, I said, "Ara, the Lord be with you." He repeated in a scarcely audible whisper, "He has been with me, He still is with me and he says He will be with me to the end." May the Lord be near his dear wife Savannah and his children to the end. I who knew him so long, and so well, place this tribute on his grave. W. M. Strayer.
Judge Ara P. Bowen, who has been ill since Christmas and confined to his bed since the first of February with Bright's Disease, died Thursday afternoon at 3;40. The end was peaceful and quiet, a Funeral services will be held at his late home, Mill and Washington
Streets, Saturday afternoon, May 27th, at three o'clock, by his pastor Rev. C. R. Strausbury, of Snow Hill, assisted by Rev. J. Russell Verbryoke. Interment will be at Newark, where the family resided until six years ago.
Judge Bowen was for sixteen years Judge of the Orphans' Court for Worcester County, and for the past five years Justice of the Peace, being reappointed recently. For forty years he was superintendent of the Sunday School of Trinity M. P. Church, Newark, and an active worker in the church. Nearly fifteen years ago he met with the tragedy of his life, when by an accident at Berlin while boarding the train for home after it had started he slipped under the car wheels
and had both legs cut off. He recovered, and with unusual courage and fortitude faced his future. He attempted to use artificial limbs but never got thoroughly accustomed to them, and went about mostly in a wheel chair.
Mr. Bowen was seventy four years of age December 29th. He was married 52 years ago May 12th to Miss Aydelotte, of Snow Hill, who survives him, with one son, Leslie Bowen, of Newark; three daughters, Mrs. Harry Young of Pocomoke, and Mrs. J. D. Quillin and Mrs Harry Jarvis of Berlin; also on brother Samuel Bowen, of Newark, and one sister, Mrs. Gordon B. Jones of Berlin. The bereaved ones have our sincere sympathy.

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